Best Dehydrated Meals Ever – No Really – Creek to Peak Wear

Best Dehydrated Meals Ever – No Really

Get Some Adventures knows about lightweight, quality food for backpacking trips. You can’t always find healthy and tasty meals so see what they have to say about our Paleo Meals to Go meals.

Backcountry Meals

When we go backpacking or another backcountry adventure we have to carry light weight food. Freeze dried meals are the go to for many adventurers. The problem with these is they are generally full of calories, sodium and crap to keep them preserved or tasting ok.

Paleo Meals to Go have changed the playing field. These meals are fantastic tasting and you can easily read the ingredient list without having to be a science major. Yes, you can pronounce every ingredient and know what it is! The serving size is also prefect. Each meal is 1 serving leaving you completely satisfied and not feeling guilty. The meals are low in calories and sodium but high in protein. Paleo Meals to Go have figured out the perfect balance of everything it appears. These will be our new go to meals for backcountry adventures.

On top of that it’s made in Colorado USA!

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