Cory Kump – Creek to Peak Wear

Cory Kump

Fishing every day. That’s what you’ll find Cory doing. As a teacher in Northwestern Montana, Cory’s schedule allows for him to fish each afternoon, on the weekends, and all summer long. Nothing stops him from chasing the fish he loves. No weather too wild. No temperature too cold.

Cory is originally a Butte, Montana, native and attended Montana Tech and The University of Montana Western where he earned his degree in Elementary Education. Throughout his whole life, he has been growing up in the peaks and on the creeks loving and appreciating every inch of Montana. After moving to NW Montana, Cory met his wife Becky who also shares a love for the outdoors. Kayaking, fishing, hiking, and hunting are on regular rotation in the Kump family. Northwest Montana is the perfect home for them with majestic mountains and crystal clear streams, rivers, and lakes. They are also no more than a half hour away from over 22 species of fish to chase.

Cory’s passion for fishing brings him to every corner of the state in the quest to catch every species of fish in Montana. Cory prefers fly fishing but will do what it takes to catch whatever the species of fish is that is being targeted. Although Cory has many bucket list fish around the world, his dream fish to catch is actually located in in Montana: the Golden Trout.  Follow Cory’s fishing adventures on Instagram: @kumpers406

““Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.”  – Norman Maclean