Dakota Nelson – Creek to Peak Wear

Dakota Nelson

Dakota Nelson – Fishing

This is Dakota Nelson, originally from the golden state California, he’s passionate about hunting, fishing, hiking, and racing motocross.

His future dreams include traveling across the country to see what fish he could catch. On his YouTube channel called “The Bassaholic” you can follow his fishing adventures and learn valuable techniques.

Usually, Dakota fishes in tournaments at his local lakes. One lake, in particular, known as Lake Oroville is his stomping ground and where a lot of tournaments take place.

He hunts just about anywhere he can and would never spend a hunting season by himself. He always likes to hunt with family, but most importantly he likes to be with his dad and grandpa because they’re the ones that thought him basically everything he knows.

You can follow Dakota’s adventures and learn more about him on his YouTube channel or Facebook.

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