Josh Suda – Creek to Peak Wear

Josh Suda

Josh Suda – The Montana Sportsman

Josh got the bug to explore the outdoors at an early age, growing up on the outskirts of Portland, OR. Spending lots of time at his small cabin in the Oregon forest, hunting, exploring, fishing and swimming in nearby rivers and streams.

He shot his first elk at young age of 15 in eastern Oregon. A spike bull that is still hanging in his house today. He had to wait until he was 23 years old to harvest his first buck that came two years after he moved to the beautiful state of Montana.

Arriving by train, he knew he found his paradise. If he wasn’t fishing he was working and if he wasn’t working he was fishing.

After starting his family my kids became fascinated by the deer, elk and the large fish he brought home. His son got the hunting bug at a very young age and he’s now the best hunting partner Josh could ask for. Josh’s daughter is a die-hard fishing woman and Josh’s best fishing buddy, the best of both worlds for me. He can’t forget his wife, she supports him in his endeavors and encourages him to always do more.

Living and being in this beautiful state he decided to start making little videos on a very inexpensive and basic digital camera to show his family the beauty of the area he gets to live and play. He gradually upgraded his equipment and started taking more pictures and videos to capture his adventures. Only in the last several years he has got to really explore this vast and diverse state.  He has got to live a lifestyle some only dream about and he absolutely loves every minute if it!