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Packing List for Summer Mountain Vacation

Packing List for Summer Mountain VacationSummer is right around the corner and you have packed your bags for an exciting summer mountain vacation. You are one step closer to breathing in fresh air and taking in the beautiful scenery. But, you must ask yourself one question. Have you packed everything you will need? Often critical items are left off the packing list for summer mountain vacation. When you are out hiking or camping in nature, these items are extremely hard to find! It is not as if there is a Wal-Mart or grocery store right around the corner.

Plus, there are a few items that differ from a regular camping trip to the lake. When you are in the mountains, you will need several items that you normally wouldn’t take camping. To ensure the trip goes smoothly, and the family is safe, you should double check!  It is best to double, better yet, triple check your packing list! Take a quick look at our packing list for summer mountain vacation.

Packing List for Summer Mountain VacationBeware of Insects

The first item on our packing list for summer mountain vacation is BUG SPRAY! The most important thing to remember is bug spray! When you are out in nature, there will be insects you are not accustomed to anywhere else. The last thing you want is to be itching due to mosquito or ant bites. Make sure to buy bug repellent with Deet in it. Deet is the only ingredient known to repel the mosquitoes that cause the Zika virus. Our recommendation is the Repel 100 Insect Repellent.

In Case of Emergency!

In case of an emergency, the second most important item on our packing list for summer mountain vacation is a FIRST AID KIT! Make sure the kit is stocked with everything you need for an emergency before you leave the home. The first aid kit comes with everything you will need for a variety of emergencies. If you would rather make your own, that will work too. To pack your own First-Aid kit, include the following:

  • Band-aids
  • alcohol or alcohol prep pads
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • sterile gauze
  • gauze tape
  • eye wash

Even packing a small bag with these items and keeping it within arm’s reach will be the difference between a great vacation and an awful experience!

WaterPacking List for Summer Mountain Vacation

When you are out in the wild, having clean water readily available is crucial for staying hydrated. There will not always be fresh and clean running water at your disposal. With that being said, the next important item on our packing list for summer mountain vacation is FRESH WATER! Always keep a few bottles of water in your backpack and the rest at your campsite. This will be crucial in the event of an emergency. It is best to keep several gallons at your campsite. You can drink this water, cook with it, use it for cleaning a wound, etc.


Another important item for your packing list for summer mountain vacation is gasoline. Bring a gas can along with you for emergency use. Having extra gas never hurt anyone. If you drive too far off the beaten path, you will be glad that you had extra gas to get back home on.

Gasoline can also be used to start a fire if the wood is wet. This will be particularly useful in the mountains, where precipitation varies. Wet kindling is impossible to get lit. Gasoline will be a lifesaver! Not to mention, gasoline will kill ants. If you notice an infestation of ants near your camp, pouring gasoline on them will be a sure-fire way of making your camp ant free!

Fire Starters

Another very important item to not forget on your list is fire starters and a box of matches! You can purchase fire starting logs at any Wal-Mart or department store. These are extremely important because in the mountains there will be a significantly lower temperature. In the evenings you will need a fire for warmth! The elevation causes temperatures to drop sometimes into the freezing range.

Our preferred method is something you can do at home, even the kids can help.

Things you’ll need:

  • Egg cartons (the paper kind, not styrofoam)
  • Dryer lint
  • Pistachio/peanut shells
  • Paraffin wax

Packing List for Summer Mountain VacationSimply melt the paraffin in a pot over the stove (find a cheap used pot somewhere) and stir in the other ingredients. The amounts don’t really matter but you’ll want a nice mixture of all of them in each egg cup. After the mixture comes together pour it in your egg carton and wait for it to cool. Once cool, break or cut apart the individual cups and store until you’re looking to build a fire. The carton will light easily, the wax will keep it burning and the shells and lint will add more fuel. But if you’re looking for a store bought solution we like the Rutland fire starters, they light easy and burn well.

A fire will be the only way you stay warm. Plus, the light from a fire warns off critters. Coyotes and bears will see the fire and smell the smoke and not want to come near the camp. In the mountains, precipitation varies from flat ground and you do not want to take the chance of having wet kindling. These fire-starting logs may save your life!

Something Sharp

Another key item that differs from a regular camping trip to add to your packing list for summer mountain vacation is something sharp to cut with. Bring a knife or a machete, perhaps even an axe! You will need firewood and if the wood you find is too big to burn, then how will you cut it? Make sure you always have something to cut with.

A machete is particularly useful to cut down the weeds and trees in your way when hiking. Plus, it is useful in the event of a snake or other small critter. Protecting yourself and your family is imperative in the mountains, where you are the outsider! Remember, you are the stranger to the environment and the wildlife will surely teach you a lesson about invading their space!

Paracord Packing List for Summer Mountain Vacation

One thing to add to your packing list for summer mountain vacation that differs from the regular camping trip is paracord. Paracord can be purchased pre-wrapped, or woven into a bracelet, and in a variety of colors. Having paracord available is very important because paracord can be used in numerous emergency situations. You never know when you may need a piece of rope to repair clothing or secure your shelter.


One very important item to include on your packing list for summer mountain vacation is a compass! Since you will be in the mountains and wandering around in unfamiliar territory, having a compass will ensure you return home safely. You can purchase a compass cheap and most of the time it comes with a clip to easily attach it to your clothing or backpack.

Stay Warm

The number one thing to remember on your packing list for summer mountain vacation is extra clothes and blankets! Remember, you will be elevated, and the weather can fluctuate greatly in the mountains. Bringing extra clothes and blankets will be very important, especially at night when the temperatures may drop well below freezing.Packing List for Summer Mountain Vacation

Having several blankets to provide warmth will be the key to surviving hypothermia. Bringing extra clothing will also provide you with much needed warmth. Layering your clothes is especially beneficial. You can always shed the layers as the sun rises to cool off. Plus, you will want to stay dry. Having extra clothes is very important if you get rained on. You’re so in luck! Creek To Peak offers some of the most comfortable, layering-friendly clothes out there. Check out all of our offerings!

Packing List

Let’s recap the important items you will need for your packing list for summer mountain vacation. Remember, you will be in the mountains and will need several items that you normally would not think to bring on a traditional camping trip. These items may be the difference between life and death! Protecting yourself and your family will be your number one priority in the mountains. You will be surrounded by animals who know you don’t belong there, so safety is critical. Let’s take another look at what’s important to bring with you on our packing list for summer mountain vacation:

  • Bug Spray
  • First-Aid Kit
  • Bottled Water
  • Gasoline Cans with gasoline
  • Fire Starters
  • Knife, Machete, Axe
  • Extra Clothes (Especially Socks and under garments)
  • Blankets
  • Paracord
  • Compass

See you out there!